Would you like to generate more digital online revenue for the holidays?

We can setup your Radio City Mall in the next 48 hours.

NO Setup Fee ONLY through end of 2018

Month to Month, NO long term agreements

$99/mo for the starting package

10% discount for annual payments



A Radio City Mall is website your station can manage to generate additional revenue.
Radio City Mall is a way for your listeners to connect with local businesses online.

A Radio City Mall can be customized with any name, domain name or branding to fit your business.

This product gives your station a new way to push digital sales beyond just banner ads.


What Is the Radio City Mall

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An Example Revenue Breakdown with $99/mo Investment

Sell 20 Client Channels - you charge $100/each = $2,000

    Channels include videos, profiles, banners radio ads or podcasts

Sell 3 Client Featured Channels - you charge $200/each = $600

     Everything above plus they are featured on the homepage

Sell 50 Client Listings where they are just Listed on the site
at $50/each = $2,500

(unlimited really)

10 Banner ads through the site at $100/mo = $1,000

$6,100 for a $99/mo investment = More Digital Revenue for your station.


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